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Why Kontactless?

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Minimize costs associated with third-party apps
  • Optimize staffing and improve productivity

Upgrade Health & Hygiene

  • Decrease non-essential human interaction, keeping staff and guests safe
  • Reduce use of unsanitary ordering kiosks, menus, and payment terminals

Increase Revenue Opportunities

  • Receive orders from any table, seat, room, or parking spot
  • Maximize turnover and repeat orders

Enhanced Guest Experience

  • Innovative and robust technology elevates your guest experience
  • Clients connect seamlessly to order, pay, and give feedback from their own device

From the team that brought you

For years, we've been empowering some of the biggest hospitality brands with technology that enhances the guest experience.  Now it's time to go Kontactless.

What our clients have to say

"From the beginning, the Kontactless team did everything they could to get our venues up and running — incorporating product adjustments based off of our feedback, including the ability to process payments in Canada. After a successful activation at Comedy Bar, we decided to implement it at the Second City as well.

Kontactless is incredibly responsive and available 24/7 for support, and I love that the software is POS-agnostic. We've served over 2,000 guests since reopening, and all have highlighted the convenience of the QR code and how easy it is to use. It's definitely been a game-changer."

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James Elksnitis

Vice President Business Operations at The Second City, Toronto.

4 Simple Steps

Identify location, table, or room number




Use any credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet

Detailed progress updates

Share feedback

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A Complete Mobile Ordering Platform for Your Business

Review Menu & Order Customization

Secure Payment & Transactions with One Click

A guest scans the QR code, activating our web-based solution on their smartphone so they can place an order. Your team is alerted to the client’s exact location.

Guests can pay and tip securely using Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or any other credit card of their choice.

Once they’ve received their order, clients can leave feedback on both specific menu items and the overall dining experience.

Feedback on Menu & Experience

Real-Time Tracking of Orders & Service Requests

Our stand-alone KDS clearly displays all orders in real-time and keeps clients informed of their order status. We can also integrate directly into your existing POS/KDS.

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POS Integrations

We provide a quick and seamless integration with the following POS systems.

Simple, transparent pricing

Menu Lite
Monthly fee

$ 95 /month
One-time activation fee $500 $0
No set-up fee through October 31st!
  • Environment & budget-friendly digital QR menu
  • Easy to maintain: Update items and pricing in real-time
  • Eliminate high-touch surfaces: Keep staff and guests safe
  • Flexibility to process orders and payments separately
One-time fixed fee per transaction,
paid by the customer *
$ 0.50
One-time activation fee $995 $0
No set-up fee through October 31st!
  • Includes all Menu Lite features, plus:
  • Receive, track, and control orders though our stand-alone KDS
  • Process payments and transactions with one click
  • Review real-time guest feedback
(*) Can be absorbed by the operator
POS Plus
One-time fixed fee per transaction,
paid by the customer *
$ 0.50
One-time activation fee $2500 $1250

  • Includes all Classic features, plus:
  • Full integration with your existing POS system for a robust 360º experience
  • Process all orders and payments seamlessly
  • Supports the most popular POS Systems
(*) Can be absorbed by the operator
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What is the lead time for implementation in a venue?

Our support specialists and onboarding team can seamlessly bring any venue online and fully train your staff in as fast as three to four business days.

Do guests need to download an app on their mobile phone?

No, your guests simply use their smartphone camera to scan the QR code, which automatically directs to a responsive webpage to facilitate seamless ordering and payment.

How does pricing work?

We are currently waiving the one-time activation fee through October 31st. There is a minimal transaction fee (no more than $0.50) which is paid by your customers with each purchase; this cost can also be absorbed by the operator. Contact us for more details!

Does this solution provide usage data, analytics and reporting?

Kontactless unlocks a new level of customer data and intelligence (average spend, frequency, preferred items, etc. for individual customers), so you’re able to build deeper relationships with your guests. It also provides deeper insights into all operational activity, including metrics for each table or section within your venue.

Will this system integrate with my KDS and POS systems?

Yes, we are able to integrate seamlessly with your existing kitchen and POS system so that no additional hardware is needed for your venue. However, integration is not required, as we also provide a platform to both display and process orders.

Is this a fully-supported solution which is both customizable and responsive to menu and operational changes?

Each client is paired with a fully-dedicated support technician to assist throughout the partnership with Kontactless. Additionally, an intuitive and user-friendly admin dashboard provides employees an easy way to adjust menu prices or offerings, segment specific tables or sections, and activate new service areas and therefore, revenue opportunities.

Where can this solution be applied?

Our platform can be applied across any indoor or outdoor hospitality venue and can be utilized for dine-in at the table, to-go/curbside areas, in-seat service and anywhere in or around your venue where you want to place a QR code.

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Kontactless is waiving the set-up fee for all new clients through October 31st. Contact us for a demo!